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  • Gluten Free Curry Sauces

    By : | Comments Off | On : March 9, 2013 | Category : Products

    Gluten Free Curry Sauces

    Looking for the best Thailand has to offer? Cooking Thai food at home in a snap is easy with the ready-to-serve curry sauces by CurrySimple. They are gluten free and absolutely delicious. CurrySimple offers 4 flavored curry sauces ranging from mild to spicy and a lemongrass coconut soup that has a kick.

    Creating a spicy red curry chicken dinner can be accomplished in less than 15 minutes. It is as simple as stir-frying your protein, veggies and adding the all-natural and gluten free curry sauce.

    We cooked this seafood red curry (pic below) in about 20 minutes. We were just waiting for the rice to finish!

    Garlic Butter Red Curry Seafood

    Here is our breakdown of the sauces:

    Massaman Curry

    Sweet. Not Spicy! Kid-Friendly.

    Great with vegetables, chicken, shrimp and most seafood.

    Yellow Curry

    Mild. Not Spicy! Kid Friendly.

    The yellow curry sauce tastes the most traditional of the four. We like it with chicken, shrimp or tofu. Makes a great noodle bowl!

    Red Curry

    Medium Spicy!

    The red curry sauce is the most popular of the four. It has a delicate light spice and the perfect level of sweetness. Great with all vegetable and proteins. This is a very versatile flavor profile that will make cooking Thai food at home a delicious experience.

    Green Curry


    The green curry sauce has a kick! Not like a hot sauce. Just a good hot spice that you would expect from a spicy Thai dish. This is excellent with most all proteins and great with fish.

    CurrySimple Facts

    All products are “Gluten Free” and have been a hit at local gluten free events.
    Products are made with fresh coconut milk, herbs and spices in Thailand.

    Follow CurrySimple on Facebook & Twitter or visit their website. Want to give them a try? You can buy them online here…

    Chicken Red Curry

    Have you tried CurrySimple? Let us know what you think in the comments section below…

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