The Best Gluten-Free Pancake Recipe Ever! Sit Down and Enjoy!

Hi friends, welcome back to my canal. If you’re new here, my identify is Alyssa. Today, we are talking about pancakes, and I’m going to show you how to attain what I think are the best gluten free hotcakes of all time. So these hotcakes are like a basic. And I’m really excited because I think they are totally customizable and they’re like the kind of pancake that you were able to computed chocolate chips to, blueberries, strawberries, bananas.

You could act them with maple syrup, you could serve them with Nutella, defrosted chocolate. You kind of get the picture. So they’re the perfect kind of like simple flapjack that you are eligible to basically do whatever you want to. So I’m provoked to show you four different variations in today’s video. And I also included instructions in the blog announce that kind of talk about how you can turn this into a mix, so you can just scoop it, included your dry parts, and impel flapjacks so you don’t have to mingle the flours every time which is great.

I also demo a vegan edition, as well as a non-vegan version if you devour eggs. And I just think they’re a really great staple to have on hand and I’m really excited for you guys to try them. As ever, I have included the blog post down in the description box which has the full recipe. It talks a little more about the recipe, it goes to show more photos, educations, part roster, everything like that. I too want to encourage you to subscribe if you are not yet part of this community now on YouTube.

You can tap the blood-red agree button right below this video that says agree. That will subscribe you and that’s all you got to do. Otherwise, let’s get started with our flannel-cakes. All liberty, so let’s first run over the ingredients. Here’s what we are using.

Only seven parts, so simple. And we are gonna start with our soaked parts. So I’ve got the almond milk, and you can use any sort of milk that you want. We’re gonna supplemented in our oil. I’m using olive oil, any petroleum will work.

As well as some maple syrup, which exactly computes a little bit of sweetness. And then we’re cracking two eggs into this jar as well, and we are beating this all together until it’s smooth. If you are vegan, you could utterly use flax eggs instead of the regular eggs, or just whatever egg alternative you like to use. You are able to only rectified your wet parts aside, and we are going to add the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl. We’ve got our quinoa flour, our oat flour, our baking powder, as well as a little bit of sea salt, which is optional.

And then again, only scoot this together until it’s blended and then we will pour our moisture parts into our baked ingredients and desegregate it all together. And this, my friends, is the base of our flapjacks. So you could just cook these up like regular hotcakes right now if you are ready, or if you wanna add in some mix-ins, I’m gonna show you four different flavor variants. So let’s get started with those. Number one is the classic, blueberry.

So what I like to do is I just like to spoonful the smash instantly onto a go and then I candidly exactly sprinkle the blueberries directly on top of this, and I don’t desegregate it in. You don’t have to mix it in, you are eligible to. Your batter will probably turn purple but that’s okay. So just let it kind of cook until suds start to form, move it over and cook it another few seconds. And merely repeat until you’ve exercised all of your hotcake batter.

So for helping blueberry flannel-cakes, you guys know I am a huge fan of surfacing my pancakes with yogurt so a lot of these will have yogurt on top. Coconut yogurt is my base, and then I actually simply made some frozen blueberries and I popped them in the microwave for 30 seconds, and they turned into this like blueberry sauce almost, so I did a transcend of that. And then I did a shower of coconut and some maple syrup, and this is just like the ultimate stack of flannel-cakes in my attentions. It’s so good, it’s so simple. Just decadent and fluffy delicious, so good.

( gentle music) Flavor number two is apple cinnamon. And we’re going to actually mix the apple and cinnamon into the batter. So I’ve got my batter now, lend your cinnamon, add your apple and really stir this all together until it is blended. And then you are able to precisely cook this up like regular flannel-cakes. You can scoop some onto your skillet, cook it on medium until the little bubbles start to form.

Once the bubbles organize, you flip-flop it over, and you only cook it another few seconds on the other side, and reiterate with the rest of your batter. For serving this one, I decided I was necessary to do some peanut butter, so I did a shower of peanut butter on top. I had some additional grated apple, so I supplemented a little bit of that on top as well. I did do a spray of coconut, and then I rained it with maple syrup, and these are like the eventual transgression plow. Apple and peanut butter is such a good combo.

Perfectly sweet, adoration the cinnamon, and they’re just so so good.

Our third alternative is lemon. And I have batter here and I’m going to add in my lemon zest and then merely stir this all together. And lemon pancakes are so good for spring. They’re bright, they’re illumination and fluffy and flavorful, and they’re just like delight on a plateful, I guess you could say.

And we’re gonna cook these just as we have the other ones. Scoop some smash onto your wash, concoct them until froths start to form, flip them over, echo with the rest of you batter. And then the authorities concerned will do our toppings. So like I said, I would have desired to have poppy seeds, but I didn’t have any on hand, so I just did some coconut yogurt on top. And then I finished it with a little bit of the lemon zest, which supplements exactly even more flavor.

And then finish it off with a little of a sizable move of maple syrup( laughs ). I don’t typically do this much, it came out really fast. But maple syrup, lemon and coconut yogurt, simple and so yummy. And lastly, chocolate chip. Chocolate chip is just like a favorite in everybody’s home I’m sure.

And same to the blueberry, I’m gonna scoop the hotcake smash onto the pan, and then sprinkle the chocolate microchips immediately onto the batter. This is great because you can do different spices for different parties in your household since you don’t have to combination them all together. So if someone want blueberry, and some people want chocolate chip, you can totally do that. Merely like the others, you’re going to cook until foams anatomy, flip-flop them over, and reproduce until you’ve finished all of your flannel-cake batter. And for acting chocolate chip, I did yogurt again.

Surprise, surprise. Finished it with a little of additional chocolate chips. I also think this would be savory if you melted chocolate microchips in the microwave and turned it into a chocolate sauce. That felt a little bit too heavy after eating four loads of flannel-cakes while I was filming this video, so I precisely ran with coconut and maple syrup. But again, pretty much anything goes well with chocolate....

So this is the final form, and I hope you guys give these hotcakes a try, and let me know which flavor you like the best down in the comment box.( soothing music) And there you have it, your best friend. I hope you experienced today’s video. I’m really excited for you to have like a excellent gluten free pancake. I personally desire pancakes.

They are like a family tradition that we have been having for years and times and years.

I still try to have pancakes every weekend. My dad realizes flannel-cakes for my mommy every weekend. Every time I go home, “were having” pancakes. So it’s just like this tradition that I love.

I think they’re very good breakfast of all time. And I’m agitated to finally have a version that is not only gluten free but also dairy free with vegan copies, and customizable with whatever additions I demand. As I mentioned in the beginning, I likewise have instructions in the blog announce about how to make it into a mix, so you are eligible to simply make a big huge batch, keep it in your pantry or fridge, and merely scoop out what you need to make a single serve of flannel-cakes, rather than mixing all of the flours at once. So if you guys have any questions along as “there’s going”, make sure to come back to this video, make us know in the comments. If you do end up performing the recipe, I would encourage you and I would highly appreciate it if you could go to the blog post and rate the recipe, and likewise leave a review there.

It exactly helps us kind of get out to more parties if it has star ratings. Otherwise , thank you very much tuning in today. If you have not yet already affiliated our breathtaking community now on

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